Moreau’s Teachings

Entering In

“The spirit of prayer is a sort of gravitation toward God by frequent longings, by the loving practice of the presence of God, and by the regular renewal of right intentions in all one’s behavior.” (Rules)

Blessed Father Basil Moreau left us with many teachings about the mission, educational charism, and spirituality of Holy Cross. This gift from the Holy Spirit has been passed down through the generations and continues to inspire and guide us today.

Daily Moreau pulls from a number of his published letters, rules, and exercises, sharing a thought and reflection for each day.

Moreau offers some practical recommendations for nurturing a gravitation toward God.

  • Frequent Longing — We must long for God, desire to be near God and one with God, if ever we intend to move in that direction.
  • Loving Practice of the Presence of God — Practicing the presence of God reminds ourselves that God is present and active, and is part of our lives regardless of what our experiences or perceptions may tell us to the contrary.
  • Right Intentions — Our intentions, our motivations, determine the priorities we establish for our lives and the directions in which we choose to move.

May Daily Moreau serve as a means of grace and transformation for us.